Are You Damaging Your Vision?

When it comes to eyesight, many people take it for granted until they suddenly discover that they are having trouble focusing on things they could previously see clearly. Unfortunately, what many people don't realize is that the things you do every day could ultimately be damaging your eyes and causing those progressive vision problems. Here's a look at some of the things that you could be doing that are unknowingly harming your eyes.

1. Are You Rubbing Your Eyes?

Most everyone does it at some point throughout the day, but you may not realize that rubbing your eyes can be harmful. If you rub your eyes too frequently or too aggressively, you may cause your cornea to distort. It is a far more common condition in those people who already have fragile corneas, but it can happen to anyone who is too persistent or aggressive about rubbing their eyes. If you damage your cornea by rubbing your eyes, your vision will become progressively more cloudy and blurry. It could ultimately lead to some significant loss of your vision as well.

2. Are You Skipping the Sunglasses?

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be highly damaging to your eyes. Your retinas are particularly vulnerable to damage from UV rays, and prolonged exposure can also increase your risk of developing cataracts in some cases. You may opt not to wear sunglasses because you've dismissed them as solely a fashion statement, but in doing so, you may be causing more harm to your eyes.

3. Are You Not Replacing Your Makeup?

If you wear makeup, you should be replacing it every few months. You may not want to incur the expense when you still have plenty of your makeup product left, but the truth is that makeup can be a health hazard for your eyes. Makeup, especially eye makeup, can be particularly prone to bacteria growth. This bacteria is then introduced to your eyes, which can ultimately lead to infection.

4. Are You Dismissing Your Eye Exams?

When you operate under the theory that you only need to seek healthcare when you're sick, you probably don't go to the eye doctor unless you experience a problem. This can put your eyes at risk of more damage than is necessary. Routine appointments with your eye doctor can help to diagnose and treat vision issues and eye health conditions early before you experience significant effects.

For more information about protecting your vision, contact local ophthalmology clinics. 

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